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SAAC Hosts Field Day for Nursery School Children

SAAC Hosts Field Day for Nursery School Children

For Immediate Release – 10/4/16 - #070
SAAC Hosts Field Day for Nursery School Children

LYNCHBURG, VA – In conjunction with the Randolph College 125th Anniversary Celebration, the Randolph College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) hosted a field day for kids from the nursery school.  The big kids and the Randolph College Nursery School kids partnered for a fun time for all.

The two groups of kids were organized by SAAC President Leah Hughes at the beginning of the event.  She had both sets touching their eyes and ears to get ready for the event.  After giving instructions, two parachutes were waved and had kids running underneath, including one who is 6-7 (Nick Goble).

Following the parachutes, games of duck-duck-goose were played, with the nursery school students doing much better than the SAAC members.  Following the duck-duck-goose, nursery school students raced while carrying (plastic) eggs in a spoon.  Some learned quickly that the best way to win was to hold the egg in the spoon, but all enjoyed the run.  A crab-walk race followed, with several SAAC members lending a hand to show how to do it.  Finally, to the end the afternoon, Hughes organized a game of Red Light/Green Light.

"It was a great opportunity for SAAC to get involved in our community without even having to leave campus," said Hughes about the event.  "We were so excited to be given the chance to be strong role models to the nursery school students and we are so glad that they had such a fun time.  We look forward to planning more fun events with the nursery school in the future.

Randolph College hosted Field Day for its students for a long period of time.  All the members of SAAC and the College wanted to show these kids the fun of these games.