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Q&A with WildCat of the Week Britnee Kratochvil

Q&A with WildCat of the Week Britnee Kratochvil

The Randolph College athletic department each week showcases a question and answer feature with our WildCat of the Week. The 21st student-athlete selected this year is equestrian rider Britnee Kratochvil.

Kratochvil had a great weekend for the WildCats.  She competed in one event on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday, she won a yellow ribbon as she finished third in her section of the Novice Flat.  She bested that on Sunday, earning a blue ribbon.  She won her section of the Novice Fences, helping the 'Cats win the Sweet Briar/Lynchburg IHSA.

What have you gained from being a part of this great program?

I have gained so many things from our riding program, but one of the most valuable things I have learned is how important our entire team is not only for our team's success but for individual successes as well. That may sound odd, but without teammates coming and helping us wipe down boots, calming our nerves and supporting us fully, I know that our riders at any given show would not be as strong. It truly is a team effort and coming from a sport that is mostly individual except at the interscholastic and collegiate levels, this is something that not every rider understands!

What is your favorite thing about Randolph College?

My favorite thing about Randolph is our small size and close-knit community both as a school and as a team!

How has being a student-athlete affected you?

As a student athlete, I have learned to manage my time effectively so that I can practice and perform at my best. I believe that being a student athlete has made me a better, more focused student. 

What is your favorite thing about Randolph College equestrian?

My favorite thing about our team is that we all work together so well and care so much about each other and our ponies. Our horseshow days would not run smoothly without our entire team stepping up and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful team behind me!