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Q&A with WildCat of the Week Eliza Gretok

Q&A with WildCat of the Week Eliza Gretok

The Randolph College athletic department each week showcases a question and answer feature with our WildCat of the Week. The third student-athlete selected for the year is equestrian rider Eliza Gretok.

Gretok had a superb weekend for the WildCats.  In her first ride, she earned a green ribbon in the Intermediate Flat.  She followed it with a perfect ride in the Intermediate Fences.  Gretok was awarded a blue ribbon in her section.  Thoses two totals gave her eight points on the day, helping the team earn 38 points.  That total earned the 'Cats Reserve Champion.

What have you gained from being a part of this program?

I have gained sportsmanship and camaraderie as well as strength and knowledge. I have gained an appreciation for all that the coaches do and all of the work that goes into the team.

What is your favorite thing about Randolph College?

I love the small and beautiful campus as well as the people here. 

How has being a student-athlete affected you?

It has made me learn how to better manage my time in order to excel in both my classes and my riding. It has also let me be friends with many people that I would not have met if not for my team.

What is your favorite thing about Randolph College equestrian?

The team members have become like my family and the time I get to spend in the barn is my favorite part of any day. 

What are your goals following graduation and how has being a part of this team and institution helped you so far?

I think I might like to pursue something either in the psychology field or do something with horses. I have yet to make up my mind. Randolph College has helped me by having so many doors open and allowing me the chance to figure out what I want to do before I have to be a part of the real world.