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Q&A with WildCat of the Week Eliza Gretok

Q&A with WildCat of the Week Eliza Gretok

The Randolph College athletic department each week showcases a question and answer feature with our WildCat of the Week. The 15th student-athlete selected for the year is rider Eliza Gretok.

Gretok had a tremendous weekend for the WildCats, helping the team win the two shows.  On Saturday, at Randolph, she picked up two ribbons, a white and a pink, on the day.  Then on Sunday, at Hollins, she won her Open fences class and her Intermediate flat section, and was named High Point Rider.

You were named High Point Rider on Sunday, and helped the team win both IHSA shows this weekend.  How do those events set you and your teammates up for the last Zone 4 Region 2 shows?

These last two horse shows over the weekend have helped to start us on a winning streak that will hopefully continue into the next few weeks. We needed the momentum in order to push ourselves to be better and stronger, and to eventually win the region.

 What have you gained from being a part of this program?

 I have gained a huge support system in my team and an even greater appreciation for the hard work that everyone around me puts in every day. Both the team and our coaches are constantly pushing to make ourselves and the others around us better.

 What is your favorite thing about Randolph College?

 My favorite thing about Randolph College is the small class sizes and the beautiful campus.

 How has being a student-athlete affected you?

 Being a student athlete has increased my sleep deprivation. But in all seriousness, it has made me focus more on my schedule and has increased my time management skills.  

 What are your goals following graduation and how has being a part of this team and institution helped you so far?

 My goals following graduation include finding a job, adopting a dog and making enough money to give my horse the best retirement possible. This institution has helped me by offering classes and professors that guide me towards the best career path for me. This team has helped me by introducing me to new people, and therefore new connections that will provide opportunities later in life.