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WildCat of the Week: Taja Hunley

Taja Hunley WildCat of the Week

Each week, Randolph Athletics showcases a question and answer with the WildCat of the Week. This week it is a first-year athlete from the women's track and field team Taja Hunley.

At the Finn Pincus Invite last weekend at Roanoke College, Hunley set a new Randolph record in the high jump with a measure of 1.59 meters to finish tied for first. She was 18th overall in the long jump with a leap of 4.72 meters that also set a new WildCat record.


As a two-sport athlete (Hunley is also a member of the volleyball team), do you prefer one sport over the other or both equally?

I prefer both sports equally, but I prefer them for different reasons. Volleyball for the teamwork and track for the more individualized events, but overall I love track the most.

Which sport did you first participate in?

I first participated in track first which was in 8th grade

What goals do you set for yourself?

There are many goals that I set for myself that are different for each sport, but join together on certain aspects. For volleyball, I push myself not to get frustrated when something doesn't work the way I want, and I try to not give up and tell my team to keep their heads up as well. In track, I force myself to keep going and to focus on the mechanics even when I want to give up, and I do the same for my teammates.  

What do you like the most about Randolph?

I really love and enjoy the atmosphere that exists in Randolph, and the family you make while attending. I've met so many wonderful people already in my first year.